4 Tips for Working from Home

by Mary Wood March 22, 2020 3 min read

4 Tips for Working from Home

In our country’s current situation, a lot of people find themselves working from home for the first time ever.

At first, it sounds awesome.

No commute = more sleep

No face to face contact with co-workers = no need to fix hair/put on make up/put on pants

Etc, etc.

As someone who has worked from home for years, I know how easy it can be to fall out of a routine & struggle to get back into one, so I listed some quick tips below that will hopefully help you be more productive & happier while we’re all quarantined.

Tip #1: Get up early, & GET DRESSED! It is sooooo tempting to sleep in an extra 30 minutes and to work in your PJs (I know, I know). But maintaining this habit as you would when you go into the office will help you stay productive. Working in PJs may be comfy, but that’s not always a good thing - especially if you’re working under deadlines.

Tip #2: Create a dedicated space for work, preferably a room with a door you can shut at the end of the day. - This is important, because it creates separation from your work & your personal life. When you open the door in the morning, you can enter the mindset of being “at work”. At the end of the workday, you can shut the door and focus on being at home. DON’T work from bed, you will not get anything of value completed & will probably fall asleep (I may or may not have done this 😅) 

Tip #3: Eat well. You’re at home and most restaurants are closed, so now is a great opportunity to focus a little more on your health. It can be real easy to fall into a frozen pizza & ice cream diet, but it will make you feel like crap & you’ll be hankering for a nap by 2pm. Instead, use your Instapot or Ninja Foodie or your crock pot to make quick meals that the rest of your family can enjoy too (win, win). Pick one day a week to enjoy take out and order from your favorite locally owned restaurant (they will be extremely grateful for your support). I created a Pinterest board with some of my favorite recipes here, if you need ideas! 

Tip #4: Eliminate distractions - Try to avoid watching tv while you work. This could end up in a Netflix binge session and by 5pm you’re wondering where the time went. Save TV time & playing with your pups for lunchtime + after work.

Working from home means a more flexible schedule, which is so nice. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind so you can stay productive, happy, and motivated. We’re dealing with some weird, difficult, uncertain things right now, so maintaining a healthy routine is more important than ever before. If you have tips you’d like to share, email us at mkwood@mkwdesignco.com.

- Mary

P.S. if you work in one of the many industries who have cut hours or laid off employees, I encourage you check out Flexjobs.com or ratracerebellion.com. They are a great resource for finding work from home jobs. (These are not affiliate links, I'm only sharing because I believe they're great resources for those out of work right now.)


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