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mkw design co’s mission is all about helping you celebrate the moments that matter in life - whether it’s a birthday, graduation, wedding, or other special occasion or milestone, I love to design jewelry + gifts that serve as wearable reminders of life’s most precious & fun moments.

I started mkw design co. in 2011 to primarily serve as a therapeutic release from the stress of finishing college & working full time. Little did I know, designing jewelry sparked my creativity in a way that working as an accountant never could, and the result is a brand that has blossomed into something that thousands of people around the world have come to enjoy.
I finished college & earned that bachelor’s degree in accounting that I was so stressed about, along with an MBA. I worked in accounting for a few years, then jumped ship as soon as I could to become a full time jewelry designer in 2016. I design & create every piece of jewelry you see on this website with the help of my wonderful & growing team.
Why mkw design co? It’s simple, really. I love to create well-made, personalized, and sometimes sassy jewelry + gifts tailored to you. It’s my passion. This is why I’m always around for questions, concerns, custom jewelry requests, or just if you want to say hey! Just drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!
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As an army combat veteran’s wife and dedicated dog mom to 2 sweet pups, I’m also incredibly passionate about serving those who have served our nation & helping those who can’t help themselves. This is why a percentage of all sales is routinely donated to U.S. military veteran organization & local animal rescues.
At mkw design co., all products are designed and/or made in my hometown of Longview, Texas. I strongly value my local community, so all production of my designs will happily stay in Texas. I believe that by keeping money in the U.S. and more specifically, in Texas, the economy is strengthened, which benefits everyone. mkw design co. is the opposite of mass produced jewelry; it is handcrafted with heart & pride in a small American town.
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